Welcome to Leela Mata Peaceful Valley Ashram

Radiant Immortal Selves, Namaste!

(Click for introduction with Gayatri Mantra)

During the last four years you have helped to transform this place from an old crumbling building into a beautiful heaven of peace. Now I encourage you to take advantage of it.

Peaceful Valley is dedicated to serving you in your quest for health, happiness, creative growth and Self realization. We employ all aspects of Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation to awaken in you greater Self expression.

The Self is Sat-Chid-Ananda: Knowledge, Existence and Bliss absolute. Peaceful Valley Ashram intends to awaken this dormant potential within you so you can blossom in Enlightenment.

Along with my dedicated staff, I pledge to make your stay here unforgettable and healing. Please take a look at our new programs. I personally look forward to welcoming you at the Ashram.