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I graduated from the 200 hour teacher training program at Peaceful Valley Ashram in the summer of 2013, just a few short months before opening a yoga studio in Meadville, PA. I went from knowing precious little about yoga to gaining a good foundation of understanding of this wonderful pathway to health and wellness. My appetite has been wet! I continue to learn more on a daily basis and look forward to returning to the ashram to further my formal education. Peaceful Valley, Leela Mata, Darshanie and Devaki, as well as my classmates and other friends I met there, are really special people. I am very thankful for my experience and the opening of my understanding of yoga which I gained thru my time at the ashram.

Anne Sylves    Meadville, PA   

During the heart meditation, while breathing in "sat chid ananda", I felt a big, hot stream of light and happiness. It was the most intensive light experience I ever had in my life! My desire for this workshop was only to meet and to get to know Leela Mata, but the encounter was so impressing for me that I met and got in contact to myself - my Self! Thank you Leela!

Here are some verses of my song for you about my feelings this weekend. The song is still growing and will have the melody of "sitting on the dock of the bay...

Father Rhyne and Mother Leela   

Once again, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the week I could spend with you in the Villa Schaaffhausen. It was such a good experience being in your presence and participating in your great knowledge of ayurveda and yoga.

Though the time for our panchakarma treatment was actually rather short (only a week) I can feel its deep effects on me. When I came back to my office work last Tuesday, I received a lot of compliments on my relaxed and good-looking appearance and that was indeed the way I felt.

Karin Omsen    Germany   

It is a blessing to be in the presence of Leela Mataji. She creates an atmosphere where everybody feels confident and joyful. The divine healing energy is flowing through her and transmitted to the participants so that great healing can take place. She shares her knowledge with so much love and devotion that everybody feels uplivted and is inspired to apply the teachings in the every day life after the cure

Devaki, Sampoorna Yoga Teacher    Cologne, Germany   

It was a wonderful introduction to Palmistry, by Leela Mata, in which we learned a lot about ourselves and where we stand. Also, our hand plays an important role in living our lives more concious, which leads to changes of the lines in our hands. This I had never imagined! Thank you Leela!

Klára Veszprémi M.D. - Radiologist    Germany   

Leela Mata is an inspiring personality with great knowledge and a warm heart. With her explanations it is easy to comprehend even complex interrelations of Yoga, Ayurveda or Palmistry and to feel the spiritual plane which manifests through all of this.

As a medical doctor it is basic for my work to see the whole human being, to feel it and to understand its individual potentialities to find healing. Leela Mata was for me another step forward on this way.

Jutta Frömbgen M.D. - Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Internal Medicine, Cardiology    Bad Neustadt, Germany   

Leela Mata is a teacher with pure love and wisdom and an experienced guide for a holistic healing process. Leela Mata teaches yoga and ayurveda in a way one can step by step understand and integrate into daily life.

Patricia Domador - Yoga Instructor (BYV), Yoga-Vidya co-Operation Center    Bad Neustadt - Salz, Germany   

Each time I attend one of Leela Mata's seminars I am totally amazed about her wisdom. I had always wondered why my hair gets greasy easily, why I get a sunburn quickly, why spicy food gives me pain instead of enjoyment, etc. Now I understand that this is an expression of my individual constitution. I am learning to be easier with myself and what is good for me and what to avoid. This substantially improves my quality of life.

Ronald Schaare - Marketing Manager    Bad Neustadt, Germany   

Leela Mata is a very experienced teacher. She is a wise woman. In her presence the hearts of people open up to the inner light to true love. She has touched and inspired the lives of many.

Sukadev Bretz - Founder and President of the Yoga-Vidya Centers in Europe, Chairmen of the Yoga-Vidy    Oberlahr, Germany   

Shri Leela Mataji, My every cell continues to resonate at a wonderfully high pitch of peace and knowing and encouragement. The energy, the closeness of the Guru, is an extraordinary treasure for which I am deeply grateful. Your gifts of love, knowledge and example are an incalculable blessing. Thou are that. And to allow this lowly student to sit so closely to the feet of one so divine will not be forgotten. May blessings pour upon you as we have been blessed. May your path be clear and bright, just as you hold the lantern high for those who follow. Deep love, deep thanks, deep respect. Om Guruji, Jai!

Jayadevi    Germany   

Dear Leela Mata, I feel blessed and honoured for having had you as my teacher in Ayurvedic Palmistry. Even though I already was a quite experienced palmreader before, you brought me to a very deep understanding of this wonderful science. Your wisdom and love showed me its roots. I had the opportunity to learn so much from you. Thank you for everything.

Brigitte Brun-Fässler    Zurich, Switzerland   

It was my first time learning about Ayurveda and Panchakarma and it was an amazing experience with Leela. The peace and confidence we felt in those days, living by her side, made this kind of knowledge more understandable and learning more pleasant. It is amazing how we feel after those days, especially for me. Her presence touched my deepest feelings of love, understanding and peacefulness, that is what everybody needs on this long journey to happiness.

Nora Spa, owner of Noriza Spa    Puerto Rico   

I enjoyed the course very much. The experience was totally healing. I feel that I have cleansed and purified my body and mind. The massages and the other treatments, teachings and meditations were just marvellous.

Edith Torres, Yoga/Pilates Personal Trainer    Puerto Rico   

I took the "yoga and ayurveda" course with Leela Mata at Chacarananda Ashram in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

I learned a lot, not only with the head but also with the heart. Leela spoke to the intellect and to the feeling. With love, but at the same time in a precise and firm manner, she showed the parallels between these two path' that, at some moments, even mix, so subtle are their limits.

The sentence that had the biggest effect on me was: "as long as there is a body, there will be ayurveda, as long as there is an ego, there will be yoga".

Leela, you captured me. Your light, your tenderness and wisdom spoke to my being. I'm eternally grateful.

Sarita Vicencio de Barros    Bagé (RS) Brazil   

Leela, your course on yoga and ayurveda was all I needed at this moment of life. It gave a better vision of my self and brought me self-knowledge that shows me how to conduct myself. I could notice how possible and necessary it is to promote a progressive balance in our daily living. You showed us how yoga and ayurveda are two extraordinary tools that help us towards a bigger consciousness and illumination. You are the living presence of love, respect, light, balance. Gratefulness!

Carolina Rohling, Yoga teacher and Reiki master    Joinville (SC) Brazil   

The yoga intensive course had "yoga and ayurveda" as its theme and you, Leela Mata, conducted it with wisdom, humility and lovingness. You took the students to the heart and your words touched everyone with love. Your silence made me perceive my essence. It was a blessing to be in your presence! May the heavenly Father always illumine your path, giving other people the opportunity to be touched by the light that you are! A strong hug and a big kiss! Namasthe!

Sandra Pereira Feuser    Tubarai (SC) Brazil   

Dear Leela, to be in your presence is a blessing of God and I 'm really thankful for having had this privilege twice. I came to the course much more because I knew that you were coming than because of the subject. However, I fell in love with ayurveda.

To be able to understand the reactions of the body through a milenar science is marvellous, to know that we are a miniature of everything that is around us is fantastic. And to be able to enjoy your lovingness is sublime. You transmit the energy, the love and the light of the Divine Mother. Thank you! Namasthe!

Marileni B. de Carvalho    Tubarai (SC) Brazil   

Master Leela Mata's course on ayurveda offers good understanding of this milenar science in practical and accessible terms, opening immense opportunities of self-understanding and healing.

Maria Helena Wegner    Joinville (SC) Brazil   

I am satisfied and happy to thank for the opportunity of having learned how to go through panchakarma. It represents a renewal, a new beginning in life, a reorganization departing from a simple vision of the energetic balance produced by the quality of our material and spiritual nutrition. I'm grateful for everything, sister Leela.

Jorge Hoffmann    Joinville (SC) Brazil   

There are rare moments in life in which we get in contact with ourselves. The external world steals our attention. Everything is more urgent and not postphoneable. But there comes a moment when what is the most deep in us, our essence, propels us to transforming experiences in which we can notice our own light, the source that overflows in us.

This experience was possible for me, thanks to the grace of the short but deep days I spent with Ma Leela Mata, to whom I am deeply grateful.

Antonio Alencar    Bahia, Brazil   

It was not only my tongue and my whole body that became clean after the panchakarma with Srimati Leela Mata. My soul also became more bright and free due to her sweetness and wise words, which inspired all of us. Thanks!

Ricardo Lindemann, president of Theosophical Society of Brazil    Brasilia (DF), Brazil   

Dear Leela, with the lovely and wise guidance of you, Leela Mata, I feel a new pure energy flewing to all my cells, after this panchakarma treatment. In your presence lies so much divine energy that I felt elevated in every moment, also in "simple" talks. It was a really good purification that gave me back a deep confidence and security for my life. Thank you very much from the depth of my heart.

Eva-Maria    Florianopolis (SC) Brazil   

The panchakarma with Leela Mata was transforming. To be with Leela was like drinking water directly from the source. I feel privileged for having been in this place at this moment. My will is strengthened for a new beginning. Thank you, and much light for you, Leela.

Bruno Girardi, Reiki master    Joimille (SC), Brazil   

Leela, just like the birds follow their way in migration so that they may survive, because of an inner orientation, in the same way I see the days that I spent with you as an experience that I will keep inside me as the guidance for the survival of my soul. Thanks!

Lucinda M. Medeiros    Campo Allegre (SC), Brazil   

Leela Mata embodies compassion in a rare way. Being with her gives one a sense of 'coming home'. She is a wonderful teacher with profound knowledge and insight. Studying with Leela is a joy, and her fountain flows freely for all who thirst to be nourished by the nectar of the teachings of Yoga brought to life.

Yamuna Devi - Co-Founder & Program Director of Three Rivers Yoga Institute - Caraopolis    Pennsylvania, USA